photo by Jacob Blickenstaff 

They were a couple at the time. And it was hard times. And because therapy was damned expensive, they thought if they spent more time singing in the living room, there'd be less time for fighting.

The idea was pretty simple: squeeze a bunch of friends together in a living room and play through some country tunes. Good time songs and sad ones, old ones and new ones. Not too much planning, not too much drinking (well...not everything went as planned). 

The name was conceived at a gig with their friend Laura Cantrell downstairs at Hill Country Barbecue under a sign warning of Loose Livestock (they never could quite remember it right) and they became Loose Cattle. 



Southern by birth or by inclination, they gathered some like-minded friends, made some new ones, convinced them all to lower their prodigious musical skills to their commonest level and something like a band was born.

Loose Cattle has appeared at Lincoln Center, on Mountain Stage live from West Virginia with Arlo Guthrie, at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and on tour throughout Louisiana, confounding expectations and moving audiences all the way to the bar and back again.  Their debut Live album, North of Houston, is available on iTunes, and through your less discerning retail outlets.  Their recent single, Pony Girl b/w St James Infirmary, and its accompanying videos were released on Low Heat Records.

photo by Hilary McHone

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