photo by Jacob Blickenstaff

michael cerveris

A lapsed son of the South, Michael was raised in West Virginia, and divides his time these days between a NYC apartment and his home in New Orleans. He first picked up a guitar at age 11 and figured out how to play it fairly recently.  Starting with his junior high rock band, Ukiah, his early musical outings were notable more for their volume than any discernable musicality. But by sheer grit (or lack of self awareness), Michael happily misspent years playing and singing with the likes of Bob Mould, Pete Townshend, Frank Black, Teenage Fanclub, The Breeders, Ken Stringfellow, Anders Parker, Laura Cantrell and many others on stages ranging from CBGBs, Sin E, Mercury Lounge, Bowery Ballroom, and Irving Plaza to Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center, New Orleans Jazz Fest, Preservation Hall, and Carnegie Hall. His day job as an actor landed him on Broadway 10 times (resulting in two Tony awards), in films with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Gandolfini, and John C Reilly (sadly not all in the same film), and on the tv series Fringe, Gotham, The Tick, The Good Wife, and Treme.  After years spent living and working in the North, an extended sojourn below the Mason Dixon brought Cerveris back to his country roots. And finding his creative co-conspirator in Kimberly Kaye planted a seed that, neglected and curiously fertilized as it has sometimes been, blossoms like a rare Appalachian flower when they step up to the mic together. 

Michael's solo music can be found here

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