photo by James Cook

kimberly kaye

Kimberly Kaye has no idea what she's doing in this band. Everyone else plays two instruments or has at two Tony Awards, and she can barely two-step. A classically trained trumpet player and jazz vocalist, Kaye took a mid-90s ride on the ska trend, playing stops like Vans Warped Tour with punk-ska groups New Direxion and The Youth Ahead with a bad blonde dye job. She graduated from the acclaimed Monmouth Country FPAC performing arts training program and Wagner College's award-winning musical theatre program, which—as formal arts education usually does—succeeded in giving her crippling stage fright. She took a decade away from performing to work in arts journalism for publications like “The Economist, The NY Observer, NYDN,, and” In 2011, longtime collaborators Cerveris and Paul Sanchez (Cowboy Mouth, Minimum Rage) told her to get over herself and start sangin' again. So she did. In addition to her work with Loose Cattle she sings with hard rock group The Knife Confession. Kimberly extends her overwhelming gratitude to anyone and everyone who has contributed to her medical treatment this scary year—you’re the reason she’s here. 

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